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Vision & Strengths

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Vision & Strengths


Regarding customers' satisfaction as the reason for our existence, we do what we can to help customers exert their utmost capabilities and create new values.


-Having what customers want reflected in goods
-Sheer technological prowess and knowhow
-JIT (Just in time) system
-Perfect product quality
-Reasonable prices
-Prompt delivery

Having what customers want reflected in goods
We strive to supply goods with customers' specific requirements concerning quality, color, design fully reflected.

Sheer technological prowess and knowhow
Our technological prowess and knowhow accumulated over 20 years guarantees the best possible product quality and service for customers.

JIT (Just in time) system
We adopt the JIT system in production to meet customers' diversified requirements concerning colors, raw materials, design and overall product quality.

Perfect Quality
Our professional product inspectors assure that goods shipped out of our facilities are zero-defect ones.

Reasonable prices
Cutting corners wherever we can, we do our best to supply goods with competitive prices.

Prompt delivery
Our sections in charge of production, packing, inspection and transportation work systematically and efficiently as a team, doing what they can to deliver goods on time. 


Hae-Dong B/D, 995-6, Ori-ro, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (423-858)
TEL.+82-70-4175-9582 / FAX.+82-504-190-9582 / Email :belotty@belotty.com